Home Warranty Review: The Fix’d Difference

April 28, 2020




The two biggest takeaways from our company would be our vendor quality and use of technology.

So we’re the only home warranty company that owns our own vendors versus using third-party contractors. That’s huge because that’s one of the biggest complaints in home warranty. It’s nice because it’s actually a fixed technician that comes out versus the third party vendor and you’re left not knowing who’s coming. And also I would say technology probably is one of the biggest things because with our App instead of having to call a 1800 number you can literally go on our app file a claim and we have two hour scheduling windows versus the the four to six hour windows! And then it’s really cool because just like uber you will get a picture of the technician, his name the price and summary of work needed so you know exactly who to expect.

It gets better. When the tech is in route you can track him up to the minute that he arrives. Now after the repair you can reach the technician if you need anything and have the option to rate the tech (hopefully five stars willfully) but it’s very similar to uber and people can see the tech’s reviews so they know exactly who they are getting.

A few more major differences: every single one of our technicians have been through background checks and are drug tested. For prospecting the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) only requires a home warranty company to vet like the owner of the contracting companies they work with and not actually each one of their technicians individually. So we go above and beyond to make sure you are safe and so are you valuables and that our technicians are the best.

Testimony from Janine: Our tech was super personable and our air conditioner just does its own thing, it really has a mind of its own. David was able to come in and actually explain to me, in easy terms that I can understand, what was actually wrong with my system. He has come back twice for two different reasons and has not had come back since he fixed them. I am amazed.

So another great point! Even if we have to come back out it’s free. It’s not another service fee if it’s the same issue within a certain amount of time.

Here’s another thing I think is awesome with us. With third-party contractors, they receive a flat fee per job which gives incentive for them to either find a reason to deny the claim or put a bandaid on an issue so they have to come back to the home. But when we go out to the house to fix or repair something it won’t cost our company as much money because we don’t have Third party technicians. If we have to keep sending someone out obviously it’s not financially beneficial for us so I think that’s kind of a little peace of mind.

And on your point the reason you have David a lot is because each technician really just has a territory based on where they live. I don’t know exactly what the mile radius from where they live is but we don’t have technicians just going literally all over the Metroplex which cuts down drive time so we are be able to help more customers with more jobs. Also we give each technician a territory in the field that they work in like HVAC plumbing, electrician or appliances and they work in an area based on where they live and what they do.

Some other little things, our service fee is the lowest in the industry because we own our own technicians. We’re essentially a HVAC company, a plumbing company, and an Electric Company for clients. Because of that, we are able to save on costs like parts so we don’t up charge, they are covered by the service fee.

We are able to do a lot of things that some of our competitors can’t. For instance no cap on freon recharging. We cover all refrigerant. Some competitors will just cover a certain amount and leave you responsible for the rest. For reference, if you have to fill up a HVAC unit, that can easily be $1,000 or more out of pocket, depending on how new your unit is. But we are able to cover that 100% so there’s a lot of things that because we own our own vendors that help us in every other area of the whole Home Warranty Office.

So, By the way anyone who mentions this video, your clients or just anyone in general we can set up a $50 free service fee for the first time out! So, the first time we go out it’s free, the service will be on Fix’d. Just mention this video.

Now that’s a deal.