Buying a Home – The First 3 Steps

April 28, 2020


Are you tired of paying rent? Would you rather own your own home?

Well, here are the first 3 steps to becoming a home owner:
– FIRST find the right agent. Y’all working with a realtor FREE for buyers! but if thats not a good enough reason, consider this: the seller has an agent working hard to get them top dollar for their home. But as a buyer, you want the best deal! thats a major conflict of interest!

– SECOND: prepare your finances – Check your FICO credit score, sort out what you think you could pay monthly and start saving for a down payment and closing costs

– THIRD: get pre-approved – this is crucial. Most sellers will not accept an offer without this and some will deny your request to see the home. People want to know you’re serious and they’ll make you prove it. make sure you’re really ready.

– If any of these steps brought up questions or you know you’re ready for steps 4-10, you are in luck! Right now, I am offering a 14 page comprehensive Home buyers guide for FREE. I mean it. No email or information required it’s totally FREE. just click the link below to download. Or, if you’d like to get in touch and do a free buyers consultation, I have guides printed and ready to give away. My contact is at the end of this video.

Happy House Hunting!
Click HERE to DL Free Buyers Guide from Google Drive